The Department of Periodontics and Implantology - Thai Moogambigai Dental College And Hospital consists of a team of NINE Enterprising, Enthusiastic and Dedicated staff which includes 6 senior professors of which 4 PHD holders and 3 senior lecturers.The Postgraduate section consists of a regenerative wing, implant section, separate space for laser, piezoelectric and periodontal plastic surgical procedures. Routine surgical procedures are done regularly. High end training is provided for our postgraduates on various clinical challenges. Academics include Research, Publications, Journal club, Seminars, Case Discussion and Attending conferences regularly.The UG section is involved in routine Hand scaling, Ultrasonic scaling and polishing procedures. The House Surgeons assist in various surgical procedures. The academic session includes regular theory discussions on various topics, interesting and informative projects and seminar presentations. The students are also encouraged in the field of research and publication.The Department has advanced user friendly equipment’s and also a separate sterilization room for sterilization.

Thrust Areas

The department thrust areas are periodontal health and systemic health where research on the potential effects of periodontal disease on a wide range of systemic diseases like Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Obesity and Oral cancer are conducted and research papers are published periodically. Another thrust area periodontal regeneration using platelet concentrates. The ultimate goal of periodontal therapy is to regenerate the lost periodontal tissue. The platelet concentrates are novel, natural, cost effective treatment modality. Withthe infrastructure available in our department, first and second generation platelet concentrates are procured which benefits the patient as well as help us advance in research.


More than 150 articles have been published by the department, both national and international. The highest author index of 9 with articles in journals with impact factor over 1.

Guinness Record

The department of periodontics was awarded with guiness world book of record 2019 titled “the largest dentistry lesson” conducted on 25thseptember 2019 at ACS medical college and hospital. This record is for the greatest number of people (650 participants) attending and participating in a dentistry lesson in a single venue. The session included a guest lecture by an eminent speaker Dr. C.S. Prasad for 1 hour followed by a practical model activity for 7- 10 minutes and it was performed by all 650 participants uniformly.

Research Thrust Areas

  1. Epigenomic basis of immunoinflammatory link in periodontal disease
  2. Periodontal regeneration and reconsctruction with platelet concentrates

Total Number of Publications - 135

Highest Impact Factor Publication

Dr. Snophia suresh - Indian Journal Of Pharmacology - 1.04

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Dr. Uma Sudhakar

M.D.S, Ph.D

Professor & HOD